As the boys grew a little older and were coming into the own, they moved to Charlotte which became a permanent residency and where the kids will continue to grow up.    This is still good for me.   It is a super short flight and I have been known to fly in on a given day, surprise the kids, go to a football or baseball game they are competing in and fly home the next morning. It is very important to me to be together as much as possible and take in as many memories as we can while we can.   As the boys get older, I also know they become more into their social lives, as they should.  Therefore, any time spent together is quality.   I do travel with my nephews alone.   We have special trips that are just the three of us, whether that is heading from Charlotte to Miami for a Miami Dolphins football game weekend, or its them coming to NYC to visit me for a week or two.  Sometimes, we are venturing on an adventure trip to the mountains in the summer or winter.   I do appreciate the bond we share and that bond is forever strong. Logan and Colin will be a huge part of your child’s life.

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Successful, TV & Music Talent Manager & Attorney Yearns To Be Devoted, Stay-At-Home Mom

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I understand that all children are unique in their own ways and so I will expose your child to lots of different activities. I know that from personal experience, every person is not good at or enjoys every activity. From the time I was young, when I started out in ballet, it became very evident from the instructor to my mom, that I was not cut out for that type of dance and that I belonged in a different activity.   Onto the outdoors I went and onto to the tennis court.  My mom thought that some type of after school activities would be fun for me but it didn't really matter what it would be. I intend to have the same philosophy with your child. I want to expose him or her to as many activities as possible until they find their own special/talents or interests. I will encourage whatever talents they may have.

I ended up really loving tennis. It excited me and became a part of my daily routine up through college.  I went on to train very hard in tennis, playing every day, tennis tournaments on the weekends, team tennis at school and then onto collegiate play in college.

Thank you

As a mom, my first priority is going to be to make sure your child feels loved and safe.  I also feel surrounding children with my family and my friends and their children expands the circle of your child being more connected to others.  I will help your child experience life in a way that allows them to try new things, make mistakes, get back up and give them room to develop their personality independent of me and my interests.   I do not want to be a helicopter mom but I will always be there and hope your child will feel very comfortable to talk to me about anything because communication is key.   I grew up talking about everything and not being judged, but rather knowing I had the ability to speak my thoughts and not keep them inside.   I have the financial means to give your child a life not just with a roof over their head but the extras that come along when you are financially sound.  That said, it’s not about just saying yes all the time, but not saying no all the time either.    Mutual respect and trust are key too.   I will provide your child the necessary tools to be educated, well fed, clothed and exposed to all different cultures.  But supporting what they choose to like and do, will be their choice on their journey.   I look forward to watching he or she grow from an infant to a toddler, to tween, teen, college age and adulthood.  I want all the reasons to sit home and bake cookies and make a mess and not have a care in the world.   I want us to eat the cookies while watching some kids movie for the 50th time, watching your child say every line of the movie in synch with the character.  I can’t wait for Mommy & me classes that teach cooking, art and how to play an instrument and meeting new moms and other kids.   I will relish in all the days that your child wants me close by and when it’s time for them to explore more with their friends and I have to take a backseat, I will be prepared to give them their independence as my mom gave me.  Ultimately, it’s about keeping our relationship healthy and making a lot of memories together.

I am hopeful that reading through this has helped you to learn more about me, my life and my values.  I am eager to also learn about you, your dreams and aspirations for your child. I am so grateful that you are considering making all my dreams come true.

My attorney can also be reached as well to get more information about me or the legal process.

Thank you again.
Love, Aimee

I went to college and law school and will support your child to go to college and graduate school too. After graduation I moved to NYC where I accepted a job as an Entertainment Attorney at a Record Label.   After a few years I opened up my own small boutique talent management firm representing artists, songwriters and producers. I created a concert tour, live event experience with youth-based brands and bands and that tour ran for 15 years, across summer camps around the country.   One of the best parts of this was watching all these kids completely enamored by this event.  I got to spend 15 summers getting to know kids of all ages, getting to know some of their parents, and living a little vicariously through these children.   I was able to combine the thrill of building a business along with my love of summer camp and the children at camp. I consider this to be one of the achievements in life that has served the greatest purpose to me.

Living in New York, you have the seasons and there is so much for children to do, from summers in the mountains, ice cream dates at the local mom and pop shop with the other moms and their kids, afternoons at the movies seeing whatever the newest film is being made by Marvel or Disney, to the Fall where you can go apple picking, dressing up for Halloween, Thanksgiving with the family while taking in the Macys Day Parade.


I am fortunate to have long term friendships. These friends have stood the test of time.  I choose my friends carefully and I think of them as framily.  I spend a lot of time with my friends and their families.   They often call me Aunt Aimee and I am equally involved in their lives.  But make no mistake about it, sometimes it affects me and I wish I could devote myself to a child to share with my friends in those moments.  I want to see life through the eyes of a child.  Your child will be the highest priority in my life.

I am very grateful for my parents, my sibling, my sister n law, Amy, my nephews and the incredible support system of friends everywhere who encourage me as I encourage them. I am not disillusioned. I know becoming a mother comes with tremendous sacrifices. My life will be completely devoted your child’s needs and wants.  I am eager and ready to make my life about your child.

Now that my career has been successful, I can enjoy the benefits and be a completely involved mom. I knew I wanted to be a mom, I loved being a big sister to my baby brother. I love being an Aunt to my nephews, Logan and Colin.  Logan and Colin think of me as their friend that wants to do everything and anything from adventure to gaming, to recreational sports, to trips with just the two of them and myself, renting a log cabin, going white water rafting, ATVing, hiking to waterfalls, fly fishing and campfires with smores.  I am their friend.  I am also their protector, their educator and their Aunt.   I know how to balance it in a way that they feel the perfect emotional connection and that they make us all proud. I will continue to be the Aunt that spoils them in a way that parents don’t get to. As wonderful and fulfilling as it is to be an Aunt, it makes me realize how much I want to share these activities as a mom. I long to be a mom.

My mother and father were very moved by the relationship between my grandmother and myself, so much so that when my brother had children and they became grandparents, it was important to them to share that same bond with their grandchildren.  My parents are eager to continuing that relationship with your child. My parents want to be role models but they also want to do and be what grandparents love to do which is spoil their grandchildren and show them off to their friends.

I come from a really devoted family. My parents, Ferne and Bill are such great parents and they are so thrilled about my adoption plan. My brother Seth, sister-in-law Amy (yes, we are Amy and Aimee) and nephews Logan and Colin want to be a huge part of your child’s life.

Call or text 1-800-918-2610

Call or text 1-800-918-2610

I also plan to provide family-oriented activities such as summer camp, family trips all across the world, sit down to dinner as a family every night, we spent a lot of time with family friends. Like my parents, I will help your child become independent and make a lot of decisions for him or herself. And like my parents, when he or she makes mistakes, falls down and I would pick him or her back up. This is the environment I would like and hope to provide for your child.

In December, Christmas Time and the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center is amazing. We celebrate Christmas and open presents with my brother Seth, sister-in-law Amy and my nephews and their extended family. The winter months, you can go sledding and skiing and then when Spring hits, you are coming up on Easter, an egg hunts, and Spring Break with friends and family to everything from a place like Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park) or even a trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas which has all the dream amenities that children love.  So many of these experiences are just a short road trip away or quick flight.  New York City offers a lot but when you need a getaway, you can be anywhere in 90 minutes or less.

We’re fortunate to all get along quite well and to be able to share in mostly happy occasions.   It isn’t just the major holidays. We make sure to come together for Grandparents Day, or Mother’s Day, or July 4th weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Halloween and Christmas.  We invite other friends to join us.  We have barbecues, plenty of board game friendly competitions, karaoke, bicycle rides in the neighborhood, dress up for Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Superbowl parties.  Sometimes for a long holiday weekend we would meet up in a city for a quick getaway.

I love kids! From the moment that my younger brother Seth came home, I took great pleasure in raising him from an infant to an adult because in my mind, he was mine.   He was my baby brother and I was going to protect him, bring him everywhere with me, and do everything together as we were close enough in age.  The bond between us is one of the most sacred priorities in my life.   To this day, while my brother and I may have different interests and careers, we are bonded by an invisible thread.  This means that love, loyalty, commitment to family, laughter and protection of our own, outweigh everything else.

My grandparents were always very present in my life and I know that my parents will be here for your child. Growing up I spent many weekends at our grandparents house doing fun activities, like fishing, boating, horseback riding, toy stores to pick out whatever we wanted, theme parks etc . I can’t wait to share some of these activities with my family and your child.

Call or text 1-800-918-2610

Call or text 1-800-918-2610

I am committed to devoting my life to your child, should you choose me.  I am looking forward to YOU giving me consideration. I am truly sympathetic to YOUR intentions and that this decision for YOU has to feel right in every way.   I know my family will undoubtedly embrace your child, from my parents as grandparents, my brother and SIL an Uncle and Aunt, my nephews as cousins, and myself as a mom, really rounds out this first layer of foundation.

My maternal Grandma, who I called BoBo was a very important part of my life and my parents plan to be very close with your child. I don’t know where my nickname for her came from, I just said it one day at a family party and she shouted out, that I was calling out to her and declared she was BOBO.  I guess she wanted to be the first one whose name I said.  I had a very unique relationship with her. I adored my parents but my BoBo was very special.  My dad and I share the same drive, same personalities, same sensitivities, not afraid to cry, fiercely loyal, sports fanatics, big fans of music etc.   However, nobody had a greater impact on me, than my grandmother.   She did not go to college and she barely finished high school.  She immediately got a job and in later years ran two major nightclub businesses, in NYC that were world renown.   As a woman, in that day and age, nobody messed with her and everyone respected her.   If you did right by my grandma, she did right by you.   But if you didn’t, you probably wanted to sprint out of town.   Her business entrepreneurial skills were instilled in me from a young age and I always wanted to hear stories about her, from her.   I wanted to understand her childhood and her adulthood and how she got to where she did.

My Nephews, Logan and Colin

My nephews are now, 14 and 12 and are so excited for a cousin.  When my first nephew, Logan, was born, it may have appeared that I was the mother because I had my bags packed two weeks in advance, waiting for the call from my brother, that I was going to be an Aunt.  When that call came, I jumped a plane and into the world came Logan.   The first few years, I spent a lot of time with Logan, flying in on weekends from NY to Florida and doing all the things you get to do with an infant / toddler.  Two and ½ years later, Colin was born and it was double the pleasure.  Two uniquely different personalities, but warm and loving souls.   My brother’s in laws and my parents were very involved grandparents and we all spend a lot of time together during the holidays.

When I imagined a fairytale lifestyle, I might have assumed by now, I would be married to a man and we would have children. Sometimes life has different plans for you and you have to navigate those plans, but you don’t have to give up on your desire to be a mother just because I haven’t found the right husband. I tried IVF, IUI, sperm donors, egg donors and nothing was working. You just won’t get to do it the way you assumed that you would. By nature, I am a cautiously optimistic person but I know that I do not need to be biologically related to a child to love him or her with my whole heart and soul. I am fortunate enough to have a few friends who adopted children and are over the moon.  I also spent a lot of time with their kids.  They are very encouraging about adoption.

I spent my childhood years in Miami, and many of those friends are still in my life today. I think there is something to be said about the choices we all made in who we chose as our “framily”.   Miami was a great place to grow up and I plan to vacation with your child in Florida a lot. I love seasons in New York but in Florida, it’s always warm and a wonderful place to visit.  The beaches, what child doesn't love a beach and making sand castles and playing in the water.  I, in fact love a beach and I still like making sand castles so the thought of doing this with your child and reliving my happy childhood memories through them is that feeling emotionally you really can’t describe.  If it’s not a day at the beach, then a pool with a slide and diving board, or water theme parks, followed by a trip to a local favorite restaurant for hamburgers, French Fries and a milkshake.  A weekend in Disney World, I mean who doesn't want to meet Mickey Mouse or Snow White or experience Star Wars Galaxy at Universal Studios.

Hi, My name is Aimee.

I take very sincere and grateful pleasure in writing to you. For me, it provides hope.  Your gentle-hearted and courageous soul contemplating an adoptive plan for your child, in turn has afforded me the opportunity to provide you with insight into my early childhood, secondary and adult years of my life for consideration.  My journey from youth to adult has unwaveringly always showcased characteristics of motherly instincts and a love for children.  With utmost appreciation, thank you for the chance to present myself and my story to you.

Since I was 3 ½ years old, I’ve wanted to be a mom. Simply put, I just love children. I feel like I am at my best when I am nurturing, encouraging, supporting and unconditionally loving children. I am so ready to become a mom – emotionally, logistically and financially so ready to make your child the center of my world.

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We don’t need an excuse to be together, we might have needed an excuse to get an extra vacation day from work.   My brother and his family moved to Maryland for his job and that made the trips even closer for me, because I could drive to see them from NYC.   I went for sporting events that the boys were playing in and/or if a kids concert or entertainment based show (like Disney on Ice) was headed to Maryland I could take them.  If my brother and Amy my sister n law wanted to travel, I would come and stay with the kids and make sure they were still in their routines.  There was never a shortage on outings or activities.

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